Do family stickers on your car put you at risk? [w/poll]

Stick figure family window decals have become the modern Baby on Board sign or "My Child is an Honor Student at..." sticker. They show off a family's pride in itself, even if the rest of the people on the road couldn't care less. However, a report from KTVX ABC 4 News in Utah claims that these ornaments are secretly dangerous and could give criminals too much personal information about a family.

According to a Utah policeman in the report, some of the stickers now include family member's names, including children. Conceivably, a criminal could show up at their school and take them. He feels even listing the sports that kids play could be potentially dangerous. However, he admits that there have been no crimes in the area where the decals have been shown to have played a part.

On the other hand, most of these stickers are innocuous with nothing but crude drawings and no names. Many people have more information about them freely accessible online through social media. So what do you think? Do these decals pose a risk to a family's safety or are they just a cute personalization on the back of a car? Scroll down to watch the full report, and tell us what you think in the poll below.

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