John Oliver takes GM to task over recalls

Have you heard of HBO's newest news show, Last Week Tonight? It stars The Daily Show veteran John Oliver, who, every Sunday night, skewers the previous week's events. If you haven't yet, it really is worth a watch.

In last night's show, Oliver took aim at General Motors, which late last week was dinged with a $35-million fine over its handling (or lack thereof) of the ignition switch scandal. Oliver delivered a scathing, not-safe-for-work commentary in a 10-minute tirade on the recall(s), GM's internal censorship and the company's CEO, Mary Barra.

While there is an inherent irony in an Englishman criticizing an automaker's record of reliability and recalls, Oliver makes a number of fair and valid points about what is rapidly shaping up to be one of the very worst years in the company's 107-year history.

Take a look below for the video, and do be warned, as this aired on HBO; there is no shortage of salty language (and an image of a three-breasted woman).

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