Morgan celebrates 100 years of going its own way

Morgan is really pretty good at making nifty little videos that showcase the nifty little car company it is. The English fashioner of wood-framed automobiles and three-wheeled jitneys has done it again in commemoration of more than 100 years building cars at its factory in Pickersleigh.

Employees who've been in the family for anywhere from four to 53 years talk about what they've done, what they've seen and what they think about a carmaker still "doing things that aren't needed," like hand-rolling edges for each spare wheel cover. That's 'Taff' Evans above, holding up the shop-made trophy for the winners of a long-defunct football match between The Old Ones and The Young Ones.

You can watch the video below. And we also recommend checking out Drive's tour of the Morgan plant, which it called "The Most Honest Car Factory in the World."

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