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Morgan teases all-new model with four-cylinder manual for Geneva

It’ll be based on the new CX-Generation aluminum platform that weighs just 214 pounds

All-new Morgan Plus Six takes top spot from departed Plus 8

Introduces turbocharging, air vents, central locking, auto headlights

Introduces turbocharging, air vents, central locking, and auto headlights to the brand.

Morgan shelves the V8 engine in favor of something new

300th Plus 8 is the final V8 Morgan, and we get a hint of what's next

300th Plus 8 is the final V8 Morgan, and we get a hint of what's next.

Morgan puts EV3 electric three-wheeler on indefinite hiatus

It ran into issues with its EV powertrain supplier

It ran into issues with its EV powertrain supplier.

Morgan Aero GT sends the Aero line out with a custom-built bang

Bristling with vents, louvers and spoilers, only 8 GTs will be built

The owners get to customize each car.

Morgan EV3 Junior is a mini three-wheeled EV for aspiring enthusiasts

10 mph and 10 miles of range ... for just over $9,000.

Not just some fancy Power Wheels.

Morgan EV3 reaches production with limited edition

British brand creates special models with department store Selfridges.

Hopefully these 19 special-edition cars will be the first of many more.

Jay Leno on The Simpsons in a Morgan 3 Wheeler and a Citroen

The former Tonight Show host brought some neat cars to Springfield in a recent episode.

Why the $77,708 Morgan AR Plus 4 is worth every penny

Has any Morgan ever screamed as hard as this?

Find yourself a piece of open road, push the revs to about 5,500 and you'll be slightly horrified at just how fast this little car will go.

First Drive
2016 Morgan AR Plus 4 First Drive

This must be the sauciest Morgan to ever leave the company's Pickersleigh Road works.

An antediluvian roadster with a Cosworth-tuned Ford Duratec 2.0-liter which red lines at 8,000 rpm. Has any Morgan ever screamed as hard as this?

2016 April Fools' Day: Morgan digs at Tesla, Mini's scissor doors, more

We round up some of the best automaker pranks for 4.1.16.

Automakers from all over the world love to have a little fun on April Fools' Day. Check out our roundup of the gags.

Replica law paves way for Morgan's return to America

The same new regulations enacted under the FAST Act that will allow the likes of Superformance and Factory Five to sell turn-key replicars could also pave the way for Morgan to bring its classic models back to America.

Morgan EV3 electrifies the 3-Wheeler

Morgan arrives in Geneva this year with a taste of the old and a taste of the new in the forms of the electric EV3 and a celebratory 4/4 special.

Morgan to offer full range of hybrids by 2020

Unapologetically Anachronistic Automaker Leaps Into The Future

Morgan has secured government funding to develop hybrid and electric powertrains, with the first set to roll out by 2019.

Electric Morgan EV3 has some fun on the English countryside

Morgan seems well on its way to producing an electric version of its awesome 3 Wheeler. Watch as the EV3 Concept gets comfortable on some twisty roads on the English countryside.

Morgan celebrates 65 years of Plus 4 with 225-hp, Cosworth-tuned AR P4

Morgan is celebrating 65 years of the venerable Plus 4 with the highly tuned AR P4 that includes a 225-horsepower, Cosworth-tuned engine.

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