Mich. Man Accused Of Shooting At Snowplow

While we're all certainly a little frayed after braving multiple polar vortexes, one man took his winter weather frustration a little too far, shooting out the windshield of a front-end loader while it worked to clear the parking lot of an apartment complex in Pittsfield Township, Mich.

Driver Ben Clink started working at midnight to clear four inches of snow from the Valley Ranch Apartments parking lot, according to Mlive. Around 7:30 am Clink was piling snow behind a white car. He planned on removing the snow once he had finished clearing the piles from behind a dumpster when a man came out and began screaming at Clink about blocking in his wife's car with snow. During the altercation the man pulled a gun and fired a shot, shattering the nearby heavy truck's windshield. Fortunately, Clink was unhurt. He even finished plowing the lot.

The suspect, who holds a permit to carry a concealed weapon, turned himself in to police and surrendered his weapon. Charges are still pending, but he could be face assault with intent to murder.

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