Winter. That frigid, miserable time of the year where ice, snow and slush coat our roads and salt coats our cars. Why would you ever willingly go for a drive during the winter? Well, perhaps because no one else is going for drives. As CNN points out, winter means that some of the country's best roads have much lower levels of traffic, making a scenic drive an even more relaxing event than it might normally be.

The news site's travel section has put together a list of America's best winter roads which range from obvious spots like Utah's Arches National Park (shown above) and Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park to less well-known routes like running Massachusetts Highway 6A around Cape Cod or through Park County, IN's Brown Driving Route.

Hop over to CNN for a must-read on some of the best roads in America that can be inviting even during the winter season. Be sure to let us know what you agree with, what you don't, and what you think should be listed.

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