Apple unveiled its iOS in the Car operating system during the 2013 Worldwide Developers Conference last June. During the keynote, it showed off how iOS 7 could be adapted to work as an automotive infotainment system. Since then, Apple has been mum on the subject, but the first demo of the new OS has leaked out from developer Steven Troughton-Smith.

Troughton-Smith's demo shows how users can input navigation destinations either from their iPhone or touching the screen itself. A home button allows users to switch between multiple apps or go back to the main screen.

During the WWDC keynote, Apple also promised that iOS in the Car users would be able to use voice commands to make calls, set navigation destinations and select music. Troughton-Smith's demo lacks audio, so it isn't clear whether these features are functional yet. Denis Stas, another iOS developer, posted a screenshot of iOS in the Car emulation in the beta for iOS7.1. This updated version has a more unified look than Troughton-Smith's demo and shows that Apple is continuing to work on the user interface.

iOS in the Car is Apple's attempt to supplant automakers' own infotainment systems with its own unified operating system. For drivers, it means being able to use the same system no matter what car they are in. For Apple, it means more consumers who want to use its devices. Scroll down to view Apple's concept for the future of navigation and infotainment.

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