Meet Urban Tabby, the DIY EV you can build in 60 minutes or less

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Earlier this month, EZ EV founder Gary Krysztopik told Plug In Cars that his DIY electric vehicle kit could be built in a week. Who knew that we'd be able to think of this as a near eternity so soon? That's because we've got another company that says its do-it-yourself EV can be built in an hour. Times are changing, rapidly.

OSVehicle (the OS stands for Open Source), the brainchild of Macau-born Francisco Liu, says its Tabby and Urban Tabby vehicle lines can be constructed in about the same time it takes to watch a couple of sit-coms. The cars have what the company calls a "universal chassis" and can be built to specs supporting battery-electric, hybrid or internal combustion engine powertrains. While the Tabby may be more of the "take it out to the farm and see if it blows up" variety, OSVehicle says the Urban Tabby can be constructed to something approaching street legality, complete with headlights and turn signals. Additionally, OSVehicle is looking to start selling pre-built versions of the cars later this year. Prices range from about $5,500 to $8,200.

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