Winter Storms Cause Massive Car Crashes In Wisconsin

Major highways across the state were choked with wreckage

This dramatic dash cam footage shows what it's like inside a multi-car pile up.

Heavy snowfall on Sunday caused multiple pileups along Wisconsin highways last weekend and caused three deaths. A police officer responding to the crash on Highway 41/45 found himself caught in the crossfire as cars slid across the highway. In the end, The State reported 70 cars and a semi were involved and the freeway was closed for nine hours following the crash.

Crashes and multi-car pileups dotted Wisconsin highways. A 41-car pileup on I-894 killed one man in the town of Yorkville, Wisc. In Milwaukee County alone, more than 60 crashes were reported.

The Clarion Ledger reported drivers on southbound U.S. 41/45 ran into several major car accidents spanning two counties. Another multi-car crash on I-94 took seven hours to clear.

Three people died as a result of car crashes caused by the hazardous winter weather.

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