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Agility Saietta R gets Clean & Cool in Colorado, promises to come back soon [w/video]

Relax. Despite the appearance of an odd-looking craft navigating certain roads around Boulder, CO, there was no alien invasion in the Rocky Mountain region last week. It was just the vanguard.

Some bikes can turn heads as they roll by, this one can twist them cleanly off.

As part of Clean and Cool – a week-long conference that, in part, unites select cleantech companies with potential investors and strategic partners – the team from Agility Global was visiting from the United Kingdom, along with its other-worldly Saietta R electric motorcycle. Happily, there were no injuries to report because, while some bikes can turn heads as they roll by, this one can twist them cleanly off. That doesn't mean Americans are no longer in danger of disconnecting their head bones from their neck bones, however. Thanks to the warm reception accorded by certain members of the investment community, the company plans to return. Sooner rather than later, and with greater numbers of its product(s).

Think 0-60 in 3 seconds and a top end in excess of 100 mph.

This means, in the near term, that you can expect your choice of battery-powered bikes in 2014 to include one with a short wheelbase and a composite monocoque chassis sporting an "Advanced Wide-Base Variable-Geometry Unequal Length Front Double-Wishbone" front end. From what we understand, the combination of these elements makes for quick, but stable, handling. Additionally, the performance will be bumped up from the original specifications. Think 0-60 miles per hour in about 3 seconds and a top end in excess of 100 miles per hour.

And that's just for starters. Agility, in addition to dropping acceleration numbers even further with more powerful (and water-cooled) motors and extending riding range with optional packs as large as 20 killowatt-hours(!), has more models up its generously-puffy sleeves. Not really keen on the look of the Saietta R? (We have to admit that it is growing on us) How about a model that embodies the spirit of the naked concept. More of a cruiser lover? They just might have something to suit your tastes as well.

While we look forward to telling you more about what's coming eventually, we can now only show you what's coming first, by inviting you to scroll below for a pair of videos. The first is a nice brief clip of CEO Lawrence Marazzi discussing his Clean and Cool mission along with a bit of footage of him riding in Colorado. The second features a pair of machines slicing up London traffic whilst being enthusiastically reviewed by Motor Cycle Monthly. Enjoy!

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