Superpedestrian offers $699 Copenhagen Wheel for early adopters [w/video]

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Do you love bicycling, but hate hills and headwinds? Like the idea of an electric bike but don't want to shell out several grand? Intrigued by the idea of converting your current bike, but lack technical ability and/or don't like the look of battery bags and wires run amock. Check this out.

The Copenhagen Wheel from Superpedestrian is a simple, easy way to keep the road from rising too steeply and the keeping the wind always at your back. We were telling you about it (and its FlyKly competitor) just a little while back. Basically, it has a battery, motor, and other bits all contained within a large but sleek hub. It helps you pedal up to 20 miles per hour and can assist your efforts for about 31 miles. The removable 48-volt battery charges up in four hours from empty and is said to retain about 70 percent of original capacity after 1,000 cycles (spare and replacement batteries are also available).

Weighing in at a modest 13 pounds, the Copenhagen wheel can initially only be used with a "single speed freewheel and 9 and 10 speeds cassette," with other options coming eventually. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and the app allows you to select from different power modes and lock your wheel, among other things.

The big news now, however, is that it's finally on sale. And by that, we mean pre-orders are now being accepted and the first 1,000 early adopters will receive a $100-discount off the eventual $799 price. Due for delivery in this spring, we can't wait to see how this works in the real world. For now, though, we'll have to content ourselves with the lovely images in the gallery above and the moving pictures in the promotional footage below. More info is available at the company's website.

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