Dutch Flying Car Available For Sale

America's oldest catalogue offering the vehicle for $295,000

You may not be able to find it in a showroom or take it for a test drive, but you can now own an actual flying car for the low, low price of $295,000.

A year and a half after its 2012 maiden voyage, the Dutch-made PAL-V One is being sold in the Hammacher Schlemmer 2013 Christmas catalogue, Time reported. The two-seater PAL-V One is a three-wheeled motorcycle that transitions into a gyrocopter. It packs a 230-horsepower, four-cylinder engine and takes only ten minutes to transition to flight.

The PAL-V One reaches 112 mph both on land and in the air and can manage 750 miles of road travel. That travel distance goes down to 220 miles once the One goes up, but that is still enough range for a driver to fly from New York to Philadelphia and back.

Included in the jaw-dropping price tag is comprehensive training on how to handle the gyrocopter. The buyer also must posses a Sports Pilot Certificate.

If you can't afford the PAL-V One don't worry, several flying cars, including the Skyrunner, the Moller Skycar, the Areomobile and the Terrafugia are in various stages of completion. Hopefully, prices will fall as the technology becomes more common.

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