Every year since 2008, Sterling McCall Toyota in Houston has sold cars for $1 on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving and what used to be the unofficial start of holiday shopping (which arguably starts much earlier nowadays), Automotive News reports.

The "Slicer Sale" tradition was started to draw people to the dealership on Black Friday, a day when mobs of shoppers are out looking for deals - just usually not a car. But Sterling McCall Toyota has changed all that with its extraordinary annual sale, which draws in hoards of people as early as 5:00 AM, before the dealership opens.

This year the dealership will offer one vehicle for $1, one for $10 and one for less than a grand, though no mention is made of exactly what sort will be sold for those bargain prices. Hundreds of cars will be deeply discounted for the sale, which is becoming increasingly more representative of the lengths retailers are willing to go to draw in holiday shoppers.

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