Underground Explosion Rips Apart Street

Car nearly disappears into chasm

Man In Russia Narrowly Escapes When Road Explodes

If dashcams have proven anything, it's that driving in Russia is dangerous. It's not just con artists, out-of-control trucks, or dramatic car accidents drivers must avoid. The street itself can suddenly become a danger.

A dashcam in Russia captured the moment a geyser of mysterious black liquid burst through the asphalt, The Mirror reported. One car is caught driving over the explosion and barely avoids slipping into the newly formed chasm in the street.

Underground explosions aren't enough to faze most Russians. In April, a stream of water and steam several hundred feet high shot through the pavement of a parking lot and rained rocks and paving stones down on surrounding cars. Shoppers simply worked around the geyser, parking only a few feet away.

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