A Michigan man is the first person to be charged with a felony under Ohio's "hidden compartment" law.

Norman Gurley was pulled over for speeding Wednesday on the turnpike in Lorain County in northeast Ohio. According to WKYC police noticed unusual wires running from the dashboard to the back of Gurley's car. Police followed the wires and discovered he had a secret compartment, known as a trap, built into his vehicle.

Traps are hidden compartments that open electronically and are disguised to look like regular parts of a vehicle, such as a false taillight or removable floor boards. Such compartments are often used by drug smugglers. The trap in Gurley's car was empty.

Police told the station the compartment found in Gurley's car could have hauled several pounds of drugs. Under the law Gurley faces up to 18 months in jail.

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