Next Batmobile to be built by GM?

Batman is a superhero known primarily for his cool gadgets, and over the years his cars have deservingly received a lot of attention. On the big (and small) screen, the Batmobile has evolved with each new director of movies and television shows, and this trend will continue with the next Batman movie (in which the Dark Knight will be portrayed by Ben Affleck) expected in 2015.

According to enthusiast site Batman on Film, the next Batmobile is currently being designed by General Motors, and that an "old Cadillac" will be prominently featured in the movie. Batman's new car is being designed by the same GM team responsible for the vehicles in the upcoming Transformers 4 – including the all-new Bumblebee – and it will ditch the military-like design as seen on Batman's most recent car, the Tumbler (shown above). It's unclear if the Cadillac will actually be the Batmobile or just act as Bruce Wayne's lavish daily driver.

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