2014 Camaro Concept is new Bumblebee, Transformers 4 onslaught continues

Transformers 4
Transformers 4
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Considering that A) we've already seen quite a number of Transformers 4 cars debuted on Michael Bay's website, and B) we were all really just waiting for the next Bumblebee, it seems fair to say that our gallery of T4 vehicles may now be complete.

Finishing strong, this latest addition is a car Bay is called Bumblebee 2014 Camaro Concept, and it shows a modern counterpoint for the throwback Bumblebee we've already gotten a look at.

The 2014 Camaro has been seriously reimagined for its upcoming film role, but we wouldn't put too much stock in this showing the way forward for a production car at this point. The renderings you see here have some pretty imaginative details, like a fuel filler just in front of the B-pillar (like a mid-engined car), but we sense more fantasy than premonition. Still, the black and yellow Chevrolet should look great wrought large on the silver screen.

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