New Study Finds Surprising Sources Of Distraction For Drivers

Eleven percent of drivers admit to having sexual relations while behind the wheel

If you thought texting while driving was a distraction, which it most certainly is, you should check out a new survey conducted by Harris Interactive. The respected polling company asked 1,832 people about their driving habits to find the most common distractions, and the results were quite enlightening.

USA Today reported a particularly interesting -- and, frankly, terrifying -- finding from the survey: Eleven percent of those polled admitted to engaging in sexual activity while driving. How exactly they pulled this off remains unknown, but the survey found that men were more than three times as likely confess to doing it than women. Generation X was the most likely age group to engage in the practice, with the 35 to 44 year old set admitting to doing the deed while driving more than other age groups.

There were other troubling statistics, too, such as 19 percent of participants admitting to eating something requiring a utensil while driving. Ten percent said they have applied makeup and nine percent have flirted with other drivers.

Drivers engaging in distracting behavior is nothing new or uncommon, and it's highly dangerous. While surprising, these numbers are nothing compared to the 31 percent of people who have admitted to AAA that they text while driving. According to federal estimates, distracted driving contributes to around 5,000 fatal accidents per year.

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