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He was found underneath, near the car's tailpipe

Sex in a car is surprisingly significant cause of distracted driving, but most people know where to draw the line between man and machine. According to The Kansan, a 24-year-old man was arrested in Newton, Kansas, for attempting to have sex with a car.

Eleven percent of drivers admit to having sexual relations while behind the wheel

If you thought texting while driving was a distraction, which it most certainly is, you should check out a new survey conducted by Harris Interactive. The respected polling company asked 1,832 people about their driving habits to find the most common distractions, and the results were quite enlightening.


It's official, cars rule. We love driving them, talking about them, working on them and we even love having sex in them. According to a U.S. Sex Census produced by none other than Trojan condoms, automobiles are the most exciting place to have sex.

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