Watch through the end credits of any movie – an action movie especially – and you're bound to see a whole team of stuntmen involved in the production. But of all the stunties in Hollywood, Hal Needham stood out as one of the most important. And now, we're sad to say, he is no more.
Over the course of his long career, Needham was said to have worked on some 310 movies and 4,500 television episodes. In those prolific decades he broke 56 bones and broke his back twice, but it all paid off.

He eventually worked his way up to the director's chair for such classics as Smokey and the Bandit and The Cannonball Run. A former paratrooper, Needham pioneered many of the stunt procedures used today and even had his own NASCAR team.

Sadly Needham passed away this past Friday at 82, a ripe old age particularly for someone who made his living jumping out of airplanes, crashing cars and lighting himself on fire. Check out a fan-made video down below showcasing some of the highlights of Hal's career.

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