New Electric builds beautiful battery-powered boats

Amsterdam is a city of canals and those historic waterways are home to many boats. Many noisy, polluting boats. It could be, though, that by 2020 only electric craft will be allowed to ply these municipal waters, and one company is poised to take full advantage of this happy development.

New Electric is in the battery-powered boat business. They do electric conversions and, as the European warehouse for EVTV, sell everything you need to do the job yourself. While you might think this might be enough to keep anyone busy, this young company is branching out even further and will begin offering its own freshly-built classic designs based on its two most recent projects.

The Ray Wright Delta is an aluminum-hulled speedster originally built in post-war Britain by an aircraft manufacturer after demand for its planes waned. After being thoroughly stripped down, this particular 1966 example was given a sweet Maranello Red paint job and an electric drivetrain consisting of an HPEVS 35X2 AC motor, a pair of liquid-cooled Curtis controllers, and battery pack consisting of 48 CALB CA-series lithium (LiFePo4) cells. The dash is as clean as the boat's exterior lines and boasts a single touch-screen tablet to handle instrumentation, communication, and entertainment duties.

The Nedcraft Silverback is an exquisite 7.5 meter (24.6 feet) aluminum-hulled work of art featuring a mahogany deck and details. Though it's of more recent vintage (2007), it is modeled after the 1920 Palm Beach runabout by Nelson Zimmer. Originally powered by a diesel-chugging Volvo Penta D3, the clean conversion hosts an 11-inch serial DC motor regulated by an Evnetics Soliton 1 controller fed by a 90-strong bank of CALB CA cells.

To promote its efforts, New Electric has put together a nice bit of video showing off its creations which you can view by scrolling below. Move down a bit further and you'll also find footage of a walk-around of the completed Ray Wright Delta along with a build video of the Nedcraft. Prices are not totally nailed down yet but should be in the neighborhood of $70,000 and $130,000. Now, if you'll excuse us, we need to investigate how to sell our souls.

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