Daimler to bring back Maybach name on flagship S-Class?

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Daimler's (relatively) brief ten-year romance with the Maybach brand may have drawn to a close, but that doesn't mean the name is lost once again to the annals of history. According to the latest reports coming from Germany, Mercedes-Benz may opt to keep the Maybach name alive on the top-tier version of the S-Class that's moving upmarket to take the place of the departed Maybach 57 and 62.

The flagship S-Class, previously thought to be called the Pullman, is expected to stretch the platform as far as it can go. Whether it's called Maybach or Pullman, it promises to pack as much luxury (if not quite as much clout) as a Rolls-Royce or Bentley, only less Anglo and more Saxon than the routes which its rivals BMW and Volkswagen opted to go in the acquisition and development of their uber-luxury marques.

Just how true these rumors prove to be remains to be seen. It could be all conjecture for what we know at this point. But it certainly doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility. After all, the Maybach marque was always more of a sub-brand of Mercedes than it was its own brand, and its cars were always seen for what they were: luxed-up S-Classes, which is what we're talking about here. And even though Maybach only sold 3,000 cars over its decade of production, Daimler surely spent a huge chunk of change building up the brand, and it would be understandably reluctant to just write it off entirely.

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