Playstation has been touting the upcoming racing game DriveClub from Evolution Studios as an important launch title pillar for the soon-to-street Playstation 4. We briefly demo'd DriveClub at E3 this summer, and saw a lot of the potential in both the gameplay and the baked-in social elements. With the game's recent inclusion in the latest official PS4 commercial, Perfect Day, playing DriveClub on Day One seemed like a foregone conclusion (scroll down to have a look).

A new report from Joystiq has thrown some cold water on that idea, however, with still-unconfirmed reports hinting that the game might be pushed back to launch in the spring of 2014. Various online gaming outlets have echoed the Joystiq story, also pointing out that DriveClub was originally on the docket for a recent PS4 event in San Francisco, but ended up a no-show there.

Joystiq also reported that Evolution Studios is being coy about any delay; studio Design Director Paul Rustchynsky said from his Twitter account, "Unfortunately guys I don't have any new information on Driveclub to share. I've been out if the office for a week looking after my newborn!"

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