Artist Draws Beautiful Skylines On Dusty Cars

Dirty vehicles are this man's canvas

A parking attendant in Baku, Azerbaijan has been creating works of art for 10 years, using nothing more than his fingers and a dirty car.

While on the job as a parking attendant in the busiest part of Azerbaijan's capital, Rafael Veyisov sketches skylines and swooping birds in the dust on cars.

He paints real skylines to teach people about other countries, as well as his own fanciful creations.
According to Oddity Central, many of his regulars will bring him their dirty cars just so he has a canvas to work on.

He's not the only artist working in this medium. Artist Scott Wade recreates classic paintings and creates his own works on dirty cars. He uses paint brushes, popsicles sticks and his fingers to sketch out his work in the Texas dust.

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