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If you were to research all of the posts ever published on Autoblog, you'd find that one of the most popular was one published back in June 2006 about artist Scott Wade from San Marcos, Texas. Wade is a painter who, unlike his peers, uses dirty cars as his canvas. He turns dusty rear windows into masterpieces that only last as long as a stiff breeze or unannounced rain shower allows.

At the time, we didn't know much about how Wade created his art other than that typical artists' tools like paint brushes were used. We recently found this video on YouTube created in January of this year, that details exactly how these amazing images are created. A complete piece of dirty rear glass art takes about 2–4 hours to complete, after which it's either washed off or left to naturally decay on its own. If the latter happens, the art often changes and sometimes creates something more beautiful and/or interesting than the original work.

Wade is not just a dirty car artist, he's a green artist or what some are calling an "earth artist." That means he works in temporary mediums, like dirt and dust, that don't impact the earth other than the joy and satisfaction they bring an audience while they are around. And Wade isn't just using his unique skills for fun these days. He's hooked up with Element Six Media, a company that provides green alternatives to traditional advertising. So if you're driving around one day and spot an advertisement beautifully rendered in dust on the back of a car, that's Wade's work.

Take a look at the video after the jump and revisit our gallery of past and present pieces by Scott Wade in the gallery below.

[Source:, Element Six Media]

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