Watch a tether car hurtle to 205 mph

Even in today's world, where 200-mile-per-hour cars are somewhat common, actually hitting that speed is nearly impossible due to pesky things like traffic and, you know, the law. This difficulty in joining the 200-mph club is made more frustrating by this video, discovered by the blokes at Top Gear magazine, which shows a "toy" tether car easily crack the 200-mph barrier.

Using an aerodynamically shaped car - you can just barely see it at the bottom of the lead image - with its own little engine, the car is tied to a pole and sent around a banked circular track. At top speed, the little monster pulls 91 Gs, or nearly four times the G-force needed to kill the average human being (25 Gs, although, there are cases of people surviving much higher G-forces). For comparison, a Bugatti Veyron at wide-open throttle pulls an estimated 1.55 Gs from a stand still.

Take a look below for what may be the fastest toy we've ever seen.

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