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The List #0065: Drive the Bonneville Salt Flats

Our latest episode of The List is about oh-so-much more than touching tire to crusty salt in the northwest corner of Utah, a list item we've been itching to cross off since the show began. Our hosts, Jessi Combs and Patrick McIntrye, did that, of course. But there are two things you don't know that make this episode extra special.

The first is that Jessi wasn't in Utah just for us. She was also at the Bonneville Salt Flats to do preparation work for her upcoming attempt to break the Women's World Land Speed Record. The current record of 512 miles per hour was set by Kitty O'Neil in 1976 using the rocket-powered SM1 Motivator. Jessi, in her attempt, will be piloting the jet-powered North American Eagle, a rocket car that will later be used for an attempt to break the overall World Land Speed Record by going over 800 mph. In this episode of The List, Jessi has come to the salt flats to earn her Rookie license, which she'll need to go after the world record later this month.

There are two things you don't know that make this episode extra special.

The other thing that makes this episode special is that it coincides with International Day of the Girl (IDOG), which you can read more about below. We were asked to help promote the cause, and initially wondered how the traditionally male-dominated world of autos intersects with an important issue like recognizing girls' lack of rights around the world. This year's IDOG focuses on girls' education, and we realized there is no better example of the benefits of education for girls than Jessi.

She graduated from WyoTech's Collision/ Refinishing Technology Program with a number of specialties including Motorsports Chassis Fabrication and Street Rod and Custom Fabrication. From there she's gone on to build show-stopping cars for SEMA, host dozens of shows (including The List, Overhaulin', All Girls Garage and Mythbusters), and she's about to attempt to become the world's fastest woman on land. About her education at WyoTech, Jessi says, "Obviously, it's taken me even further than I could have dreamed." Watch below to see her go even further... and faster.

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International Day of the Girl was first formally recognized by the United Nations on October 11th, 2012, to bring an end to child marriage and recognize girls' lack of rights around the world. This year, International Day of the Girl is strategically focusing its efforts on another crucial cause: girls' education. If girls and young women are provided the proper education they deserve they'll be given the chance to build a better life and the ability to live independently. AOL and its family of brands supports Plan International and International Day of the Girl by Raising Its Hand for Girls' Education. More Information on Plan International and their initiatives here:

In sharing this story, and others, with our readers we hope you are inspired to Raise Your Hand for girls' education, helping us spread the word on this crucial effort.

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