Travel Oregon promotes EV road trips for National Plug In Day

We wouldn't suggest that Oregon's tourism board is recommending drinking and driving. It's just that Travel Oregon is letting travelers know that the Beaver State has enough juice for plug-in vehicles while drivers – or passengers, at the very least – are out sipping fermented grape juice.

Like California and Hawaii, Oregon is at the forefront of encouraging electric vehicle adoption. In advance of National Plug In Day on September 28, the state is suggesting a few plug-in driving itineraries for folks to explore in their EVs and plug-in hybrids. First, there is the "Covered Bridges" itinerary where drivers can go glunk-glunk-glunk across more than 50 of them. The Oregon Coast Loop takes folks along the Columbia River, through the Coast Range and out to Highway 1. And, of course, the North Willamette Valley tour gives drivers access to more than 225 wineries spread across more than 100 miles. Travel Oregon says all of these drives can be done range-anxiety-free, as the state has made sure there are publicly available charging stations every 25 to 50 miles along these routes.

AOL's Translogic already tested Oregon's recharging meddle in June, conducting its own 48-hour, 300-mile road trip in a Nissan Leaf EV that left the driver wanting more in regards to scenery but satisfied in regards to charging stations. Portland proper has about 90 publicly accessible charging stations alone, according to the US Department of Energy.

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