Rescuers Free Man Trapped Inside Overturned Car In Colorado Flood

Rain shows no sign of stopping

Denver CBS station KCNC caught this intense rescue of a man trapped in his car after floodwaters washed away a bridge.

Late summer storms have sent Boulder, Colo., and the surrounding areas running for higher ground as more than half a foot of rain fell in a 19-hour period. Flash floods have washed out roads.

The car was upside down in raging floodwaters and had to be flipped on its side. As the rescue proceeded, the camera zoomed out to a wide view, in case rescuers were about to pull a body out of the car.

Suddenly, viewers can see cries and movement inside the wreckage. Rescuers threw the dazed but alive driver a life vest. They began helping him climb from the rear window of the car just as the raging rapids caused it to flip upside down again. You can't help but hold your breath until the driver reemerges from the flooded car.

Luckily, this man survived. Flooding has kept rescuers from the hardest hit areas, CNN reported. At least three people have been killed and the rain shows no signs of stopping

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