Germans investors Fritz Nols AG officially submits Fisker bid to DOE

White Knight Fisker Karma
White Knight Fisker Karma
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Fisker Automotive may have an investor that could pull the struggling extended range Karma-maker off life support. Two German investors have made an offer that's been signed and "on the table," according to a Facebook post by Ingo Voigt, one of the two investors.

"I am proud to tell you that we just sent our detailed offer including a signed LOI and short presentation of our restructuring plan to the DOE on fax and mail," Voigt said. "Now it's time to pray!"

The offer from Voigt and Fritz Nol has gone to the US Department of Energy (DOE) to resolve some of the $193 million in a DOE loan that Fisker never paid back. Investment group Fritz Nols AG had offered $25 million to buy Fisker last month, according to De Telegraaf. Other potential investors – such as General Motors former vice chairman Bob Lutz and several Chinese investors – had previously been in negotiations to purchase Fisker, but didn't these efforts didn't pan out.

While $25 million may not be as much as DOE needed to recoup Fisker's losses, the offer might still look attractive to the DOE. Reports indicates that if the deal went through, the investment group could build 2,500 Karmas per year, in the US, no less. Word on the street is that the Karma Surf and Sunset variants would be produced, but the Atlantic would be too costly to release.

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