73-Year-Old Woman Accused of Car-Keying Spree
Vandalism is usually attributed to youthful rebellion, but in Greenwhich, N.Y., police are dealing with an alleged 73-year-old delinquent. Janina Slomiana is accused of keying more than a dozen cars since May, damaging six just this past Sunday alone.

"It makes no sense to me," Greenwich Police Lt. Kraig Gray told CBS 2.

A neighbor called police catching Slomiana in the act of scratching a car. She's believed to have scratched 20 cars over the summer. One truck in particular suffered $6,500 in damage.

CBS 2 says police believe she used a metal screw or a hunk of metal to scratch the cars. Her motive is unclear, though neighbors say she takes walks everyday and has plenty of opportunities to damage cars.

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