Some team principals in Formula One are employed by the teams they run, and some own part of them. Ross Brawn is one who has moved from one category to the other and then back again, but could be looking to get back in on team ownership.

Rumors circulating the paddock at Monza during this weekend's Italian Grand Prix suggested that Brawn could be looking to buy a portion of the Williams team at which he started his long career in F1 some four decades ago. The 15-percent stake said to be under consideration is that owned by Toto Wolff, who currently works with Brawn at Mercedes – which will be supplying Williams with engines starting next season.

After masterminding Michael Schumacher's seven world championships at Benetton and Ferrari, Brawn ended up leading a management takeover of the Honda team, which he then sold to Mercedes-Benz. But his role as team principal is set to be transferred to Paddy Lowe in the near future.

Although the rumors of Brawn's investment in Williams – which could lead to his moving in as team principal there as well – were reported by Sky News, they were reportedly denied by Wolff and Williams advisor Alex Wurz.

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