NASCAR driver's girlfriend slaps fellow racer after on-track incident

More than a few NASCAR fans will own up to the fact that the on-track altercations are a big draw for the series; rubbin', son, is racin' and all of that. But it's still an event out of the ordinary weekend when that kind of aggression turns into shenanigans outside of the racecars. And it's more extraordinary still when drivers' loved ones get into the mix.

Of course, that's pretty much what went down during Sunday's Camping World Truck Series, when a last-lap on-track altercation between drivers Max Papis and Mike Skeen turned into a rather vicious blow to Papis' jaw. Apparently pretty riled by a collision between Papis and her boyfriend Skeen, Kelly Heaphy took it upon herself to put Papis in his place during an interview, smacking the driver soundly across the face.

Really soundly, it seems. Yesterday, Papis went on record as saying that he was having trouble closing his mouth properly because of the blow. According to one ESPN report, the slap resulted in a dislocated jaw, which would certainly explain the lasting effects. Scroll down to watch a video blow-by-blow (as it were) of the events unfolding.

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