Hot Wheels builds world's highest wall track

Any self-proclaimed Hot Wheels fanatic has surely built some sort of wall track in their house, but, like the ones from our childhoods, we're guessing it never involved repelling down the side of a seven-story building. Back in May, Hot Wheels built an epic wall track on the side of an apartment building, and now the toy maker has released a video of the track, which it claims is the world's highest.

Constructed for the BCN Fan Fest during the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona, the repeating sections of track were assembled on the ground and then raised into place where they were connected to each other. Oddly, no official height was given for the track, but you can scroll down to watch a video of it being built and, of course, used. The video is in Spanish, but the thrill of rolling tiny cars down a huge track is universal.

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