Crazy Truck Accident Caught On Video, Driver Will Be OK

A student driving next to the truck caught the crash on video and posted it to the Internet

The driver of a pickup truck caught on video flying off a bridge embankment should recover from his injuries, the Lansing State Journal is reporting.

The video was taken by Alexandria Stack, a student from Western Michigan University, who told AOL Autos she was driving to Kalamazoo for dance team practice when she noticed something was wrong. Driving with the windows down, she felt grass hit her arm, and she heard a truck next to her driving in the grassy median.

"I thought it was just a car being stupid trying to get to the other side of the highway without getting off on an exit," she said. So she whipped out her phone. As she was trying to get the Vine video app open, she noticed the truck was hitting signs and getting some air when it hit bumps.

She got six seconds of video (taken while driving), and caught the dramatic ending: The truck, looking like something out of the Dukes of Hazard, flies off the median and into a creek below.

Stack said she got off at the next exit, and called police to tell them what had happened. But she told a reporter from TV station WZZM that she called her mom first, and then police.

"It was the most terrifying thing I had ever seen," she said.

The Lansing State Journal said the driver of the truck, 58-year-old Mark Moerland, suffered some kind of medical issue before the crash. He's in stable condition, but suffered a broken leg, a dislocated ankle, and a lower back fracture.

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