Where I grew up, on the Lake Michigan shore in a little town called Holland, I basically never locked the doors on my first two cars. With the notable exception of my older brother stealing my car from our high school parking lot, so he didn't have to burn his own gas (I still own you for that, Aaron), there just didn't seem to be cause to worry about a locked door. To this day, in some of the more genteel areas of the country, I have friends and relatives who leave keys in the ignition pretty much permanently, as losing a key is far more likely than having a car stolen.

That kind of behavior would be downright reckless in some of our nation's metro areas, where purses and personal items are seemingly unsafe even when one is pumping gas directly next to a vehicle. A new CNN report details the actions of so-called "sliders," thieves who pull up to cars at a gas station, "slide" to the door while keeping under the field of view of the side window, and then snatch loose items from unattended passenger seats. Lock those doors, roll up those windows and watch the video report below for tips, city dwellers.

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