US retailers decided to take part of the summer off when it came to deploying new public electric-vehicle chargers. The installation pace for these stations slowed slightly the last two months after reaching a pretty steady clip earlier this year at about 200 new stations a month. Between the last week of May and the first week of August, about 350 stations were added, bringing the US total to 6,395. That's up from about 5,200 at the beginning of the year, according to US Department of Energy numbers.

The West Coast remains the most EV-friendly region, with California totaling 1,411 stations and Oregon and Washington together adding 696 more. Texas checked in at 481 stations, while Florida had 387. Among retailers, Walgreens held steady at about 370 stations deployed, easily making it the country's most EV-friendly store. Kohl's had 60 EV charging stations while Kwik Trip and Whole Foods had 48 and 41 stations respectively. McDonald's was home to 40 stations, while Fred Meyer offers 32.

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