Toyota Prius, Tesla Model S fans apparently like very different things

Prius fans polled have above-average interest in yoga, sustainability and Apple. As for Model S fans? They're big on economics, Jim Beam, strip clubs and weed.

If a Toyota Prius lover crashes into you, the driver may have been distracted reading The New York Times or The Atlantic on his or her iPad. If a Tesla Model S fan does the same, the driver may have been drunk on Jim Beam or just plain stoned. Yes, that's a simplistic analysis of a study revealing the common and differing interests between Prius and Model S fans. You can see the enlarged version of the infographic here or by clicking the image above. The way to read the Interest Graph is to know that the bigger the circle, the stronger the interest. Thus, "each point on the graph represents an interest that is shared by either Prius or Tesla fans that is stronger than that of the general population. The smaller circles are interests that are stronger than those of the general population, and the larger circles are very strong compared to the general population," according to the PR rep who sent us this image.

When you take a look at the data, you see that the nearly million Prius fans somehow polled showed an above-average interest in things like yoga, sustainability, Apple and reading The Atlantic. We're as shocked as you are. As for the approximately 200,000 Model S fans? They seemed big on economics, Jim Beam, strip clubs and weed. Additionally, "Environmentalism is not a substantial area of interest... this may indicate that Tesla interest is driven by the technological or aspirational aspects of the brand rather than its environmental benefits."

No, we're not making this up, and we hope isn't, either. In any case, read the story here and see the large version of the infographic here. But don't do it while you're driving your Prius or after you've gotten baked while watching pole dancers.

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