$122,000 Bentley Wrecked In Car Wash Crash

The driver remains a mystery

$122,000 Bentley Wrecked in Car Wash Crash

Jessica Sawyer made several assumptions when she pulled up to the 5 Star Wash and Shine Car Wash in Manchester, England. The biggest assumption was that they knew what they were doing.

When she handed the keys of her $122,000 soft-top convertible Bentley to someone at the car wash she figured he must work there. She assumed he surely knew how to drive. She left presuming she'd return in an hour to pick up her sparking clean car. Imagine her surprise when 15 minutes later, the police called her back to the car wash.

Apparently the man she handed the keys of her luxury car to didn't know the brake pedal from the gas and drove through the front of the waiting area at the car wash. He also didn't work at the car wash.

The body was totally wrecked in the accident, causing $73,000 in damage to the car and significant damage to the car wash as well. The best part? No one knows who crashed the car. The car wash denies it was an employee and he man who crashed the Bentley fled the scene. The insurance company is taking the car wash to court, but who's to say they're not the victims of one hurried driver's assumptions?

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