Alfa Romeo dumping FWD Mito, Giulietta hatches in favor of RWD sedans

Europeans should be dancing in their nearest piazza, as Alfa Romeo is ditching its front-drive MiTo and Giulietta to return to its rear-drive roots, according to a report from the UK's Car. The switch is expected to happen in 2015, and is meant to bring Alfa Romeo closer to Maserati.

Car is claiming that a 3 Series-fighting Alfa will hit the streets first, followed by a larger model to contend with the 5 Series. After that, Alfa will field a pair of SUVs, its first models of that body style. We sincerely hope all of these cars come with sweet-sounding, high-revving six-cylinder engines.

While we're quite happy for European gearheads, the shift in logic has us wondering, once again, what this means for Alfa Romeo's long-promised return to the US of A. Both the MiTo and Giulietta were slated for the US market at some point in 2013, according our most recent report. We're half way through the year now, and there hasn't been so much as a whimper indicating that timetable would work.

Based on remarks Sergio Marchionne made at this year's Detroit Auto Show, bringing Alfa back properly is more important than bringing it back quickly. That logic could explain this latest possible delay. Getting American Alfa Romeos right for Americans could also explain things, which is perhaps a lesson learned from the Dart's rushed launch.

In any case, with this news that two of the core models of Alfa's US return are being ditched within the next 30 or so months, we're left wondering (again) when the legendary Italian brand will return to our shores.

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