The Chevrolet Cruze has proven to be a popular global car for General Motors. So popular, in fact, that the General is in no rush to replace the compact and is using the opportunity to build more engineering changes into the car's design. Originally, we were expecting the next-gen Cruze to debut late next year for the 2015 model year, but according to Reuters, Chevrolet has pushed this timetable back by about a year. With the new Cruze now set to go on sale in December of 2015, it will likely carry a 2016 model year designation.

Other than riding on GM's new D2XX platform, we have had little intel about the next-gen Cruze, so we have no clue what changes are being made to the car. What does seem evident is that Chevy is looking to prevent the Cruze launch from suffering the same kind of flop as the 2013 Malibu, which required emergency updates just one year after its launch. As the article points out, the Cruze has helped spur GM's post-bankruptcy turnaround, and by the 2014 model year, it will be the oldest car in its US portfolio.

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