Autocrossing a car takes cool nerves and a lot of focus, which makes this particular stunt even more impressive. You see, as Jake Wile pilots his BMW into the course of cones during a recent BMW Car Club of America event in Boston, he knows that he is just a few turns and slaloms away from one of the most nerve-racking moments of a man's life: proposing to his girlfriend.

With Maggie, his girlfriend/co-driver, riding shotgun, Jake does a great job carving up the course before doing a little showboating with a handbrake power slide followed by a donut. After taking off his helmet, racing harness and steering wheel, Jake somehow managed to position himself on his knees inside the car where he was able to ask Maggie to marry him. As you can see in the picture above, she said "yes." Scroll down to watch what has to be one of the best proposals of all time – for car lovers anyway.

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