Electric motorcycle maker Brammo Motorsports took a hit over the weekend – a fire at its Ashland, OR, facility caused more than $200,000 in damage. Thankfully, this incident won't slow down business, according to the company's director of marketing, Adrian Stewart, who added that the fire had no impact on Brammo's production or distribution process.

The fire took place in Brammo's research lab, which was separated from the rest of the headquarters building. An emergency sprinkler system kicked in and nearly put out the fire. By the time firefighters showed up, there was only light smoke left for them to contain. Most of the damage in the lab was water damage, Stewart said.

The fire started up when a group of batteries caught fire, according to NewsWatch 12. Brammo uses lithium batteries in its e-bikes. This could more bad news about lithium battery pack safety; the Mitsubishi Outlander, Boeing Dreamliner, Chevrolet Spark EV and Chevrolet Volt have all been through the publicity wringer with fire-related problems.

The Translogic team had a much better experience with Brammo this pasts spring during a visit to the Ashland plant. They rode the Brammo Empulse R electric bike, which can go 100+ miles per hour and has a range of 121 miles. Its six-speed transmission offers powerful acceleration and an impressive top speed, according to Translogic.

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