McLaren launched a website this week to trumpet its upcoming models and, true to form, provided some fun graphics and factoids for its P1 hybrid.

Door scoops that feed cold air into the rear engine compartment and an active spoiler that provides as much as 600 kg (!!) of downward force are just a couple of the features on the P1. UK-based McLaren also writes about four different driving modes based on speed ranges (though it didn't include the "all-out" mode, unfortunately).

"Every curve, swoop and couture of its endlessly flowing body is shaped to precisely manage the air flowing over it," the site says, adding that the car will be "the most aerodynamically advanced supercar in the world." We're not sure how to measure "aerodynamic advancement," but we like the end result.

Check out the McLaren site here and the P1 site – "designed by air," indeed – here.

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