You've got to admire Warren Mosler. The guy's life-long love affair with composite-bodied vehicles began with his first car, a Volkswagen Rabbit. After seeing just what could happen when he pulled the running gear from the little VW and dropped it into a much more aerodynamic, lighter body, Mosler became obsessed with pushing composite construction forward. His first effort, the Consulier GTP was the first production car in the world with no structural metal, and served up supercar-besting grip, acceleration, braking and safety in the mid '80s.

Motor Trend recently sat down with Mosler for a nice long chat about his inspirations, where he's been and how he wound up building the MT900. The clip shows off plenty of Mosler designs, from his bizarre fuel efficient vans to his incredible Consulier GTP race cars and the luscious MT900. You can watch the full interview below for yourself.

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