RFA accuses Big Oil of 'far from factual' E15 test results

Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) is adding to its campaign arsenal to block Big Oil from winning the E15 battle. This time it's going with debate tactics.

Kristy Moore, vice president of technical services at RFA, posted on the association's blog a detailed list the "far from factual" items in the Coordinating Research Council's engine durability study. The American Petroleum Institute (the leading Big Oil association) has used the CRC study to convince the public and courts that blended gasoline with 15 percent ethanol (E15) is very bad for engines.

Moore presented a chart from the study and referenced API/CRC press releases to throw out a couple of damaging statistics – 33 percent of the tested vehicles failed on gasoline with no ethanol; and 75 percent of the eight vehicle models tested passed on E20, yet somehow one of the duplicate models failed.

Moore said the US Department of Energy confirmed that the test protocol used by API was highly speculative. The RFA didn't participate in the API study because the protocals and pass/fail criteria were questionable, the vehicles in the study were geared to provoke engine failures, and the test fuels included weren't accurate. "In my assessment, the RFA and government agencies didn't want to participate simply because they didn't want to waste taxpayer money on political science," Moore wrote.

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