Designated Drivers Admit They Drink Alcohol Before Driving

A study shows 17 percent of designated drivers had high levels of alcohol in their systems

A new study from The Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs found that designated drivers often drink while out at the bars, according to The New York Times.

Tests were conducted over a three-month period and showed that 65% of designated drivers showed no blood alcohol content and 17 percent registered a 0.02 percent to 0.049 percent BAC level.

Due to the results, the lead author of the study, Professor Adam E. Barry, claims that the result of the study shows that designated driver campaigns are ineffective. However, with 82 percent of designated drivers testing far below the legal limit can it really be called a failure? Barry thinks so.

"Often people choose designated drivers because they're the ones who've drunk the least. The most practical recommendation is that if you drive, you shouldn't drink at all," Barry told The New York Times.

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