BMW gets 6,000 handraisers in UK, studies 'megacities' to increase EV sales

BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer recently cited "German angst" as a concern for the automaker and its efforts to generate sales from its electric-drive vehicles starting later this year. Good thing the British don't appear to share that angst.

BMW has tapped 46 UK dealers to help launch the i3 battery-electric vehicle late this year and says interest in the car is "extremely high" (someone tell the RAC). In fact, more than 6,000 Britons have indicated that they'd potentially buy the i3, Hybrid Cars says, adding that BMW will sweeten the deal with features such as charging-station locators and route-planning abilities with the car.

The BMW-British partnership appears to have been a good one, as London was one of the "megacities" that company executives visited to get a better idea of how urban dwellers would respond to cars like the i3, Ulrich Kranz, head of BMW's Project i, told Automotive News. Folks from Los Angeles, Mexico City, Tokyo and Shanghai were also interviewed as a way for Bimmer to get a better handle on urban commutes, infrastructure and driving preferences. The first real results of all this research will be available later this year, when the i3 goes on sale.

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