Legal Parking Spaces Turn Illegal With Sign Change

Drivers ticketed 25 minutes after parking space becomes bike-share zone

In what has to be one of the lowest moves in parking-enforcement history, New York City ticketed half a dozen cars that had been legally parked only moments before. The difference? The city changed the signs out from under drivers.

Transportation crews came through to change the signs on West 15th and Seventh Avenue for a new bike-share program in the city. When these cars parked they were legal, but after the 'alternate side, Monday and Thursday' signs became 'No Standing Anytime' they were ripe for parking enforcement.

Twenty-five minutes later officers showed up and started dispensing $115 tickets. The only warning drivers received was a paper notice warning cars would be towed if not out by 6 p.m., but this sign shuffle happened 6 hours before that. Drivers and observers told CBS New York that it happened so fast, they felt it was unfair. Drivers can challenge the tickets in court.

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