Toyota Auris Hybrid manages just 84 grams of CO2 per kilometer, beating Prius

For Toyota and the new version of its Auris Hybrid that goes on sale starting next month, less is more. In this case, the Auris Hybrid will get an engine that cuts emissions by more than three percent from the current version.

The Auris Hybrid that goes on sale next month will emit just 84 grams of CO2 per kilometer, down from 87 in the previous model. The Touring Sports version of the Auris Hybrid, which was first shown off in Geneva earlier this year was, in Toyota's words, the "first full hybrid estate car," and emits 85 g/km. For comparison, the European Prius emits 91 g/km in combined driving conditions.

First-quarter Auris Hybrid sales in Europe surged 69 percent from a year earlier. There are no plans to bring the model stateside. Read Toyota's press release below.
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Full Hybrid Delivers Sales Success And CO2 Leadership
  • Auris Hybrid now from 84g/km
  • Auris Hybrid Sports Touring from 85g/km
  • Auris Hybrid sales up 69% in first quarter 2013
Brussels, Belgium - The Auris Hybrid has received further upgrades to reduce its CO2 emissions to just 84 g/km - joining its Touring Sports sibling in segment leadership.

This CO2 reduction is achieved by refining the vehicle tuning and adopting various aerodynamic improvements such as new aero-stabilising fins. These measures combine to improve the overall energy efficiency without negatively impacting vehicle performance.

Reinforcing Toyota's commitment to continually improve the efficiency of its products, these new modifications were first previewed on the 85g/km Auris Hybrid Touring Sports when it made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

The new Auris has been very well received across Europe where demand grew by 27% in the first quarter of 2013. The largest contributor of this growth is the Auris Hybrid, where sales have advanced by 69% year-on-year, illustrating its strong customer appeal and low cost-of-ownership credentials.

Already benefiting from significant tax incentives, restricted-area exemptions and reduced service and maintenance charges, the new lower CO2 level will further reinforce the Auris Hybrid's best-in-class low running costs.

The new 84 g/km Auris Hybrid will replace the 87 g/km version across the Toyota retailer network starting from June 2013.

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